Rome Local Markets & Jewish Ghetto

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  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Group size

    Up to 18 people

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Tour start at 10am

Tour End at 1pm

Tour Itinerary

  • Largo Argentina
  • Via Renula
  • Via dei Giubbonari
  • Piazza Campo dè Fiori
  • Palazzo Farnese
  • Piazza Trilussa
  • Via delle Zoccolette
  • Carcere di regina Coeli
  • Testaccio
  • Monte Savello
  • Sinagoga Ebraica
  • Jewish Ghetto

Testaccio Market

100 booths, 100 stories, 1000 products. The archeological area. A market with a long history. In the underground of Mercato Testaccio there is a world to be found. Years of excavations and restorations have brought to the light the remains of a very antique horreum, a Roman age stock house that still preserves hundreds of amphoras and exhibits.

Let’s continue with the market of Campo dè fiori. It is for sure one of the most ancient markets, if not the most ancient of them all in the city. In 1869 Campo de’ Fiori was the center of the trades in Vignarole. And let’s end the tour with the Jewish Quarter (Ghetto Ebraico) and the Roman Jewish kitchen The Jewish Quarter in Rome is very important to our itinerary for its history, architecture and food. It was founded in 1555 by the will of Pope Paolo IV (40 years after the Venetian Ghetto, the most ancient in the whole world). The Jewish Ghetto, closed by 3 big doorways from dusk until dawn, became the heart of the Roman Jewish community, that got used to the miserable and unhealthy conditions of living of a very populated area, very close to the embankments of the river Tiber,